VACS Mobile

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      An efficient potato grower is a happy grower. Increased efficiency in the field brings more profits to your pocketbook. The NEW VACS Mobile self-contained design has very little setup in comparison to the competition. This Industry First machine is made to fit on a semitrailer and is easily set up on the job site. The VACS Mobile is towable at highway speeds…something the competition simply can’t do!
      • •   Most mobile patented cleaning system on the market.
      • •   100% self-powered (requires no outside power to operate).
      • •   Large-capacity machine to meet your needs.
      • •   Unsurpassed efficiency at removing foreign material.
      • •   Greatest number of quick-change tables for any conditions (4).
      • •   Minimal time and manpower requirements for setup and tear-down.
      • •   Quick-change table technology allows the VACS Mobile to adapt to any conditions with ease.
      • •   System is completely mounted on ONE semi-trailer.
      • •   Tare conveyors are all telescopic, bi-directional and speed controlled, featuring common discharge points and the ability to segregate tare by components.
      VACS Mobile
      2,500 - 4,000 CWT/HR
      250 hp