472 Air Harvester

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      This high-capacity harvester is able to handle high volumes of potatoes while maintaining minimal bruising.  Combined with Lockwood's efficient rock removal system, this machine is sure to increase profits.

      • •   Gently removes rocks for more cleaner, bruise-free loads
      • •   High capacity allows for harvesting multiple rows
      • •   50" or 60" wide vacuum chamber to fit any farmer's needs
      • •   An adjustable table is available to remove stones and spread potatoes prior to entering the air chamber
      • •   Rock box or stone conveyor allows rocks to be dumped in one area of the field
      • •   Increase stability in the field with the four-row axle
      • •   Optional tilt axle for side hill digging conditions
      • •   Vacuum chamber powered by a 170 hp 4 cycle Cummins diesel engine 
      472 Air Harvester
      Number of Rows:
      Row Spacing:
      32" - 40"
      Digging Speed:
      2 - 5 mph
      Headland Required:
      Wide Digger Nose Width:
      Narrow Digger Nose Width:
      Tractor PTO HP:
      60" Head Base Machine (lbs.):