673 Harvester

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    The 673 Harvester features all of Lockwood's unique innovations!

    • •   Pressure-compensated rock protection for digger nose
    • •   Crary blowers provide balanced air flow
    • •   Can-bus system with user-friendly joystick control
    • •   A full line of side elevator cleaning tables are available
    • •   Available with a bulk boom hopper to allow non-stop digging
    • •   Phasing steering cylinders allow for tight turning while eliminating build-up under machine due to no tie-rod needed
    • •   Side elevator and rear cross available in hydraulic or mechanical drives
    • •   More hydraulic drive options for infinate variable spreed on belted chain
    • •   Return to depth and return to center steering standard
    • •   Large tires allow for tighter turning and more floatation
    673 Harvester
    Number of Rows:
    Row Spacing:
    Digging Speed:
    2-5 mph
    Headland Required:
    Wide Digger Nose Width:
    Narrow Digger Nose Width:
    Tractor PTO HP:
    Base Machine (lbs.):